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What is the concept of your home?

Architects, designers and users express their opinion about this trend and make predictions about how their home may look in the future.

We all agree on important issues such as maintaining humidity in the house, communication during design and much more. However, each of us has our own vision when we begin to think about the design of the house and its subsequent construction. Opinions were divided, what is better: open layout or traditional? We all understand that everyone has their own pros and cons, and this is really a matter of taste. If you are tired of thinking which plan is better, do not worry: on this blog we collected several pros and cons.

Aesthetics of space
Safety for children
Cleanliness and smell

01. What is an open layout?

This usually applies to the main living spaces in the house – the kitchen, dining room and living room – which create an open streamlined space with a small number of partitions and the abandonment of traditional isolated rooms in favor of a common space.

02. Benefits of open planning

As an architectural solution, open layout affects how residents of the house use space and interact with each other. Most of our clients like the idea of living in a house where there is a lot of common space that allows more interaction with each other. First of all, this allows residents to be more open and more often enter into dialogue.

Great solution for small spaces

Demolition of walls to expand rooms in small houses is a popular way to visually increase space.

This is the optimal solution for medium areas. If we are talking about apartments with an area of ​ ​ less than 300 square meters, then an open layout is the most rational solution. More and more people want to live in an airy, spacious and well-lit space.

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